Our History and Future

Our focus is to continue to build on our reputation as a innovative company operating in a pioneering industry

Comstar Systems was formed in 2009 when a group of industry professionals acquired a Tasmanian based Telecommunications business.

The acquisition included  the transfer of 11 employees, plant and equipment ensuring from day one Comstar Systems was fully resourced  to provide clients with a multi- skilled team with  exceptional levels of technical excellence.

 A flat management structure has been created to enable quick decision making and forward thinking corporate governance. This enables our team members the ability to make positive contributions to improve outcomes for our clients.

By ensuring financial due diligence, strategic direction and quality management in a tough economic environment the company  has achieved significant growth and profitability.

Key to our success is the building of a dynamic and progressive workforce, ready to take on  technological changes, meet the needs of our clients and the expectations of our communities.

We believe business growth will be secured through gaining, sharing and retaining industry knowledge. This is achieved by making ongoing training a priority, on the job mentoring and knowledge sharing essential and creating a working environment that encourages innovation.

Business growth opportunities will include the National Broadband Network and the  upgrading of the major carriers mobile networks.