Our Philosophy

To continue to be the Industry Specialist in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure

Comstar Systems is committed to providing a depth of industry knowledge and delivering compelling services that improve the lifestyle of individuals, communities and businesses alike.

Primary drivers for Comstar Systems are:

  • Deliver turn key solutions to regional Australia;
  • Build a depth of industry expertise across all areas of Telecommunications;
  • Ensure safe work practices;
  • Deliver innovative and quality services;
  • Value honesty, loyalty and transparency in business dealings; and
  • Focus on succession planning

Our Vision

To continue to be the industry’s specialist in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and rewarding work environment that builds careers in a sustainable business and to provide exceptional client service through collaboration and innovation.

Our Values

Our values are respect, openness, excellence, empowerment and ethical behaviour. We are committed to providing a workplace that values knowledge, quality service delivery, safe work practices and team spirit.